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Environmental and social impact assessment (ESIA)

Since 1950, environmental impact assessment studies have been a mandatory requirement for a wide variety of development activities, particularly in Uganda, as set out in the national environment act cap 153. In addition, due to the recent global and regional environmental and climatic dynamics, EIA studies have increasingly become mandatory in the rest of the African continent and the globe as a whole.

GESCH Consult has the expertise and experience available to undertake the full spectrum of studies required for EIA’s, in accordance with the national requirements of any African country, not withholding those of the World Bank, international finance corporation, African development bank and most other funding agencies, as well as relevant multi-lateral environmental agreements and conventions. This includes the statutory public participation and consultation process, specialist studies (through our extensive network of top quality, pre-approved specialist sub consultants) and all the required interactions with the regulating authorities.


Related to the EIA’s, GESCH Consult also has significant experience in compiling, and auditing Environmental and Social Management Plans (ESMP). It prides itself in being able to provide a tailor made and practical approach to ESMP.

GESCH Consult has a specific core focus and experience in conducting EIA’s and ESMPs for large infrastructure projects, linear developments and components of the transport, energy, structural and mining industries. it has significant experience in carrying out the required process in order to prepare and submit applications for different project rights and permits with all the associated documentation. This includes all the necessary baseline investigations, feasibility assessments, public participation processes, impact assessments, and related permits and authorizations.

Resettlement Action Plans

Land in Uganda belongs to the people, however for every government project to be developed. The government of Uganda in pursuit for developing or constructing a project, it involuntarily resettles the affected persons as required in the land act. In response to the land act, it also provides for adequate, fair and prompt compensation for all persons to be affected.

World Bank - operational standards of involuntary resettlement, also requires that a resettlement action plan is prepared, together with a valuation report and strip map clearly demarcating the area and persons to be affected. GESCH Consult is well vast in preparation of resettlement action plans, valuations and cadastral surveys.
This exercise involves conducting;-

  • Social Surveys
  • Social Impact Assessment
  • Mapping out the Affected Persons
  • Determination of Valuation Rate

The objective of this resettlement action plan is to provide a plan and procedures that the government and/or the funder will follow and the actions that will be undertaken to mitigate adverse effects, compensate losses, and provide development benefits to Project Affected Persons (PAPs). The company conducts rap in accordance with the international resettlement plan guidelines interfacing with the Uganda laws on compensation.

Environment Audits

The national environment act cap 153 under section 22 introduced the requirement for environmental audits, under which the a developer or the operator of a project for which an environmental impact statement was made is mandated to keep records and make annual reports to the NEMA describing how far the project conforms in operation with the statements made in the environmental impact statement. The requirement for environment audits also, under the same act stipulates that the owner of premises of a project shall take all reasonable measures to mitigate any undesirable effects and report all measures to the authority.

GESCH Consult, as a company has the required and NEMA registered audit expertise to undertake these environmental audit assessment. The goal is to underline the level of compliance and identify the gaps there in that need to be addressed to achieve the required compliance standards. Therefore, GESCH Consult has the capability to guide its clients to full compliance to all the set standards, national and international regulation, while undertaking its operations.

Waste Management Consulting Services

GESCH Consult brings a considerable level of expertise to bear to address client needs. Some of the specific services that the firm can provide to a high level of competence are as follows

  • Drafting of integrated waste management plans.
  • Waste assessments and compliance auditing.
  • Assessment of disposal and treatment technology alternatives.
  • EIA’s for landfills and other waste disposal facilities, including incinerators.
  • EIA’s for waste transport.
  • Waste management training.
  • Permitting and licensing.
  • Skills development and competency evaluation.
  • Environmental monitoring programmes.
  • Health and safety strategies.
  • Through her risk based approach, the firm ensures that the solutions provided to the client are cost effective, practical, appropriate and compliant with the specific regulatory requirements.

Construction Permits

GESCH Consult has gathered experience in application and processing of the various permits and licenses that, of recent, have become mandatory in major development constructions and operations. Some of these are listed in the table below;
  • Water abstraction permit Issued By Water abstraction permit
  • Construction permit Issued By Directorate of water resources management (DWRM)
  • Petroleum use permit Issued By Petroleum supply department, ministry of energy & mineral development
  • Osh policy and registration with the department of occupational health and safety via (form OSH. F11) Issued By Department of occupational health
  • Explosives permit / magazine license Issued By Government security office - ministry of internal affairs
  • License for transportation of workers Issued By Ministry of works and transport (MoWT)
  • Wetland use permit Issued By National environment management authority (NEMA)
  • License for storage of hazardous waste Issued By National environment management authority (NEMA)