Gesch Consult Services

Environmental and social impact assessment (ESIA)

GESCH Consult has the expertise and experience available to undertake the full spectrum of studies required for EIA’s, in accordance with the national requirements of any African country, not withholding those of the World Bank, international finance corporation, African development bank and most other funding agencies, as well as relevant multi-lateral environmental agreements and conventions.


Related to the EIA’s, GESCH Consult also has significant experience in compiling, and auditing Environmental and Social Management Plans (ESMP). It prides itself in being able to provide a tailor made and practical approach to ESMP.

Resettlement Action Plans

Land in Uganda belongs to the people, however for every government project to be developed. The government of Uganda in pursuit for developing or constructing a project, it involuntarily resettles the affected persons as required in the land act. In response to the land act, it also provides for adequate, fair and prompt compensation for all persons to be affected.

Environment Audits

GESCH Consult, as a company has the required and NEMA registered audit expertise to undertake these environmental audit assessment. The goal is to underline the level of compliance and identify the gaps there in that need to be addressed to achieve the required compliance standards

Waste Management Consulting Services

GESCH Consult is well placed to assist companies, local authorities and others in the development of appropriate, legally compliant waste management strategies. The proliferation of environmental legislation in Uganda over the past years has left many companies exposed in this regard.

Construction Permits

In addition to the above, GESCH Consult has gathered experience in application and processing of the various permits and licenses that, of recent, have become mandatory in major development constructions and operations